It is a few days after Star Wars day,  when Nixon announced that it will be producing a range of luxury watches and accessories, styled on and officially licensed by the Star Wars franchise.

Now I am a nerd at the best of times when it comes to Sci-Fi but take a classic and amazing franchise such as Star Wars  (we can ignore The Phantom Menace and the midi-chlorians) and add watches to the mix well that makes me just a little bit excited. (Rabidly)

Now Nixon are not giving much away on their website regarding the watch collections other than a short teaser video, but they have confirmed there will be four and they will all be Dark Side based: Stormtrooper, Imperial Pilot, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.

It has not been confirmed if Nixon plan to follow up this collection with a Light Side counterpart, maybe they will test the waters with the Dark side first and see how well it is received. (I cannot imagine they will do badly).

The watches themselves look to be modified versions of existing Nixon watches, and are presented with subtle but very effective styling, if the teased watch is anything to go by.  These will not be overtly Star Wars, they will not jump out at you and limit your wearing opportunities, they are the kind of watches you could wear day to day and still be fashionable, rather than gimmicky.

The first watch is due to launch in the summer at Comic Con, so not long to wait.

A Blog To Watch has further details and pictures that do not appear to be publicly available, I recommend going there and having a look at the pictures at the very least.  Now roll on the summer.