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Month: May 2015

Fashion & Designer Watches

If you look online or walk down your local high street you will see in almost all the big name jewellery stores a vast collection of fashion or designer watches. You will see watches from the likes of Armani, Michael Kors, Burberry, DKNY and more.  These are presented at a premium price level, often to convey the brand’s value and prestige. This is not so different to the classic prestige watch brands, there is an element of brand value and you do pay for that.  There is a however a striking difference, if we take a Rolex  and Seiko in comparison we can see that they are both watch-making brands that can trace their history back to 1905 and 1881 respectively. Both of these companies develop, design and manufacture watches and movements and have a wealth of experience in doing so.

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Fake & Homage Watches

When you start to collect watches sooner or later you come across examples that are not all that they appear to be.  Some of these will be fakes and some will be part of the burgeoning market of homage watches.  It is a good idea to spend a little time explaining the two, how they differ and what to avoid.

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So You Want To Buy A Watch?

Choosing a watch can be mind-boggling. They all have their unique selling points and if you aren’t sure what they do in the first place, no amount of labelling will help you. What can be done about this? Where do we start?

How about my ultimate rule for starting your watch collection…

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Nixon Teasing Star Wars Watch Collections

It is a few days after Star Wars day,  when Nixon announced that it will be producing a range of luxury watches and accessories, styled on and officially licensed by the Star Wars franchise.

Now I am a nerd at the best of times when it comes to Sci-Fi but take a classic and amazing franchise such as Star Wars  (we can ignore The Phantom Menace and the midi-chlorians) and add watches to the mix well that makes me just a little bit excited. (Rabidly)

Now Nixon are not giving much away on their website regarding the watch collections other than a short teaser video, but they have confirmed there will be four and they will all be Dark Side based: Stormtrooper, Imperial Pilot, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.

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An unexpected spark that starts a fire

For many years I had not really given much thought to the watch on my wrist, it had been the same one for some time and my only real consideration had been how accurate it was.  The watch in question was radio-controlled and I would enjoy knowing that it was always precise in its time keeping and if it did drift it would be corrected, automatically.  The perfect functional timepiece.    So there it sat on my wrist day to day, always working, fulfilling its function whilst I did not give it a second thought.   

But one day something occurred which made me actually sit down and start thinking about watches again.

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