If at first you don’t succeed…   An old adage for sure but one that was taken to heart by GallioTempo with their unfortunately unsuccessful KickStarter campaign earlier this year (new campaign is now live!)

Not to be beaten they sat back took stock and pushed forward with a new revitalised campaign,  learning from past mistakes, (an overly ambitious funding goal, too many different backer rewards and a lack of clarity in the pitch) the team has sharpened up and relaunched to a resounding success (fully funded in 24 hours).

GallioTempo Trident

Tick Talk originally previewed the GallioTempo – Trident back in March and considered it an worthwhile purchase and a lot of watch for its £129 to £174 price (depending on how fast you act),  and this is still the case, to get a full feel of the watch I recommend you read more in the original review.

The new campaign focuses on the same product, the Trident “adventure” style watch, but the colour set available for the central ring supplied with the kit will be expanded and will now include red, blue, green and “metal” to reproduce the coloration of the stitches of the straps.

There is no long four backer rewards as there was in the original campaign, this has been cut down to two; An entry level offering called Client which features the Trident and an attractive leather box; and Top, which features the Trident, the leather box, four straps and three coloured rings.  Pricing has also changed significantly for the top level reward with €100 (£88) being cut from the price, now at £230,  I personally think that is the price point to go for and a a great set to give you maximum flexibility for style and outfit matching.


World wide shipping will still remain free and the new campaign is live now,  it is already fully funded but there are still discounts to be had by backing early.

The original review will be updated to reflect the new KickStarter link and I hope you head over and read it to get a full idea of the watch and what the initial thoughts were.   Congratulations to GallioTempo on a successful funding of your first watch!