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GallioTempo Trident – KickStarter Update

If at first you don’t succeed…   An old adage for sure but one that was taken to heart by GallioTempo with their unfortunately unsuccessful KickStarter campaign earlier this year (new campaign is now live!)

Not to be beaten they sat back took stock and pushed forward with a new revitalised campaign,  learning from past mistakes, (an overly ambitious funding goal, too many different backer rewards and a lack of clarity in the pitch) the team has sharpened up and relaunched to a resounding success (fully funded in 24 hours).

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GallioTempo Trident – Preview

Hardly a week can go by without another new micro-brand watchmaker popping to the surface,  not that I am complaining I think it does bring some vibrancy to the industry and I think it is a great opportunity to challenge some of the larger watchmakers, the GallioTempo Trident is the latest of these new micro-brands.

Hailing from Italy and keen to promote the local craftsmanship of their young dynamic team, the watch is designed and assembled in Turin, however the name GallioTempo comes from a small town close to Vicenza,  Gallio.  Home to the founders grandfather who used to show off his collection of pocket watches which had been passed down the family line,  the inspiration to design and build watches was born and GallioTempo was started.

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Humism Kinetic Art Collection – Preview

The Humism Kinetic Art collection, is the inaugural art movement based watch range from independent Singapore watch design studio, Humism.  Funding production via Kickstarter, they are taking a different spin on the traditional crowdfunded watch, in more ways than one, the trifecta of this watch design is Art, Quality & Charity.

With lofty goals and a commitment that stretches beyond design, delivery and profit but into the lives of those less fortunate than your typical watch crowd.  Let us dive into the detail and see if a watch can challenge not only how we view time and art but how we may use art to change lives.

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Hamtun H1 – Kickstarter Preview UK Designed Watch

The Hamtun H1, is the first watch from a brand new UK company Hamtun Watches who are based out of Southampton.  As is fashionable nowadays (and financially prudent) they are crowdfunding the H1 production via Kickstarter. They aim to rise above the sea of Kickstarter watch campaigns that fill the site, and in their own words “build something that was both truly affordable and high quality”

As aways the devil will be in the detail so let us delve deeper and look at what they consider high quality in a watch and how that high quality translates into affordability.

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